This is your chance to get it made your way.  You can choose up to three scents or one house blend for each item ordered.  Everyone's nose smells scents differently and we each have scents we don't like.  Because of this, your scents will be mixed equally by the number chosen,  except house blends.

On items that we may custom decorate, leave a note of some of your favorite things.  Are you a star wars nerd, hairdresser, love mermaids, ect.  Let us know and we may or may not decorate accordingly.  :)
Custom Chunk Loaves
Unit Price: $16.95
Custom Decorated Pans
Unit Price: $22.00
Custom Pan Guns n' Roses
Unit Price: $20.00
Custom Rose Loaves
Unit Price: $20.00
Decorated Waffle Pan
Unit Price: $20.00
Frosted Sugar Cookies
Unit Price: $4.25
Jelly Filled Donuts
Unit Price: $8.50
Macaroon 4 pack
Unit Price: $10.35
Mini Loaves
Unit Price: $6.25
Pushing up Daisy's Pie
Unit Price: $40.00
Unit Price: $6.95
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