Fragrance Descriptions


These do not include all of our blends yet!

 These fragrances are new one we have gotten in and haven't updated the description on them yet:


January 30th 

Blackberry Fizz

Blackberry Jam

Iced Tea w/Lemon

Rock Candy 

Lemon Poppyseed Muffins

Lemon Squares

Melon Mist

Watermelon Taffy


January 31st

Glazed Cinnamon Donuts

Peach Cobbler

Sugar Cookie Dough


Vanilla Smoothie

Chocolate Cream Pie

Cherry Chip Cake

Banana Caramel Cupcake

Fresh Peaches

Fresh Squeezed Pineapple

Lemon Candy

Watermelon Cake




ABERCROMBIE & FITCH  (Fierce) type ~ This is a wonderful bold, masculine scent.  The aroma of fresh citrus blended with warm musk, cedarwood and vetiver.

ALMOND~If you like almond, this is the one for you. The strong sweet type of nut fruit!

AMISH FRIENDSHIP BREAD~ Sweet warm homemade bread that has just been popped out of the oven filled with cinnnamon, raisins and nuts, baked to perfection just like grandma taught you.

ANGEL WINGS ~ This wonderful scent is straight from heaven.  It combines sweet musk notes with light floral notes such as jasmine for a soft wonderful scent that you will love.

APPLE STRUDEL~ The fresh rich goodness of homemade strudel, slathered in butter and sugar and layered with apples.

AVOBATH (LUSH TYPE) ~ This is a dupe for the lush type.  We will be renaming it at a later date.  I think this is best in bath & body.  For something similar with the lemon lime smell, I would go with Smoke and Odor Eliminator.



BABY POWDER~ So true to the first fresh and gentle scent ever put on baby! This soft powdery scent is reminiscent of Johnson's Baby Powder!

BAMBOO ~ I have tried bamboo from several different companies and this one is by far the best!  It is a wonderfully fresh clean scent made up of fresh citrus, greenery, a light touch of floral and a touch of wood.  Just beautiful!

BANANA BERRY BLAST ~ A combination of fresh berries and ripe sweet bananas dusted with a bit of cinnamon and sugar and vanilla..

BANANA CREAM PIE ~ A mouth watering  freshly made banana cream just waiting to be cut and enjoyed.

BANANA NUT BREAD  ~ So realistic your family will believe you have just baked Grandma's famous recipe.

BARN WOOD~ The smell of fresh cut cedar together with earthy tones of patchouli and a hint of leather along with sweet sandalwood, exotic ambers and soft mosses create this clean woody creation.

BASIL SAGE MINT ~ A refreshing blast of unique herbal infusions. These three unique notes from Mother Nature's Garden combine beautifully to make a surprisingly wonderful clean refreshing scent that is sure to capture your attention.

BEAR CLAWS ~  Fresh baked bear claws hot right out of the oven.  Sweet yeast dough, honey, nuts & raisins.  What could be a better way to start out your day.

BEDTIME BABY~ Smells just like J&J Bedtime Bath baby lotion.

BERRY BRULEE ~ A delicious blend of raspberry and strawberry blended with sweet buttery cream brulee.

BERRY LEMONADE ~ A blend of berries, lemons, sugar, vanilla and a hint of lime with some bubbles thrown in to make your nose tickle.

BITE ME ~ Fresh citrus notes of limes, oranges and berries blended with greenery and creamy vanilla. 

BIRTHDAY CAKE  ~ Yummy Sweet freshly baked cake, straight from the oven. Made the way a real cake should be with only real vanilla, pure sugar cane and topped with a rich cream white frosting for some delicious homemade goodness.

BLACK AMBER & LAVENDER  ~   Black Myrrh,  vanilla Tonka bean, and a splash of Egyptian Musk.  Rounded out with a touch of Clary Sage.  Earthy, with hints of sweetness and a pleasant floral. (not tested in wax yet, as of now this is for B&B products.

BLACK CHERRY BOMB ~ This black cherry will literally burn your nose hairs. A delightful cherry aroma that is not to sickening sweet.

BLACK FOREST TRUFFLE~ Rich dark chocolate surrounding a moist chocolate cake center, layered with dark sweet cherries. (personally I don't smell the cherries, this one reminds me of a Tootsie Roll.)

BLACK RASPBERRY VANILLA ~ (A B&B Work Dup) An enticing blend of blackberries and raspberries with middle notes of white floral greenery and ending with notes of soft musk and vanilla. A wonderful duplication of the Bath & Body Works type.

BLACKBERRY SAGE ~A tart blackberry that we just couldn't pass up! This is the truest blackberry we have ever found. The hint of sage is a very subtle subtle herbaceous scent and won't detract from the fresh feeling this scent leaves!

BLONDE MOMENT ~ Champagne mixed with rich sweet raspberry and tart cranberries.

BLUE BERRY JOLLY RANCHER ~ Just like the candy.

BLUE BERRY SLUSHIE ~ Just like the sweet bluberry slushie you can get at 7’ 11.

BLUE HAWAIIAN   ~ Fresh and juicy oranges  and  lemon blended together with sweet coconut,  maraschino cherry , pineapple and acai berry to bring you a tropical delight. 

BLUE SUGAR~ This is the sequeal to our ever populer Pink Sugar, Blue Sugar is now here for the guys.  With a blend of caramelized sugar and vanilla topped with cedar and tonka beans combined with the rice combination of licorice, patchouli, lavender, heliotrope, bergamot and mandarin and so much more.

BLUEBERRY CHEESECAKE ~The sweet tantalizing scent of cheesecake heaping full of plump sweet blueberries, hot just out of the oven.

BLUEBERRY PANCAKES- (HB) - Rich fluffy buttermilk pancakes topped with fresh blueberries.

BLUEBERRY PATCH ~ A wonderfully  juicy blueberry scent! Blueberry Patch is just like fresh blueberries, just picked off the vines and ready for you to devour!

BLUEBERRY PUMPKIN COBBLER  ~  Fresh Vine Ripened Blueberries combined with sweet juicy pumpkin.

BONFIRE BLISS ~ Go back in time to when things were simpiler. A cool evening breeze blowing as you gather round and roaring bonfire.  You can smell the dried leaves, charred wood as it pops out of an open flame trying to devour your marshmellow roasting on a stick. Bubblegum ~The delightful fragrance of juicy bazooka bubblegum. This fragrance will take you back to the days of your youth!

BUBBLEGUM~  Smells just like old fashioned Bazooka  bubble gum.

BUTTER PECAN ~ A delicious blend of crunchy pecans and pralines combined with creamy caramel sauce.

BUTTERCREAM CRUNCH ~ Rich buttery vanilla blended with gooey caramel and toffee bits.

BUTT NAKED ~ A sweet blend of Bananas, Strawberries, Peaches and Melons.

BUTTERRUM ~ A great butterscotch fragrance.  Smells just like the butter rum life savers.

BUTTERMILK PANCAKES ~ Hot of the griddle, light and fluffy buttermilk pancakes with the gooey goodness of Sweet Vermont Maple, spices and a hint of buttery vanilla.

BUTTERSCOTCH BRULEE~A rich yummy butterscotch with just a hint of dessert. 

BUTTERY CAKE BITES ~  Hot pipping yellow canke, made with rich creamy vanilla, maple syrup, butter pecans and topped off with buttercream.




CAKE BATTER ICE CREAM ~ Creamy vanilla cake batter with just a touch of almond and sugar cane to make you want to lick the bowl.

CALM WATERS ~ A crisp blend of lavender, jasmine, oakmoss, musk and sandalwood. This masculine scent compares to the famous brand name "Cool Water".

CANDY CORN ~ Sweet candy corn just like the store bought.  This is a very very strong fragrance oil.

CAPTAIN CRUNCH BERRY ~ Smells just like Captain Crunch Berry Cereal!

CARAMEL MACCHIATO ~ Rich expresso frothed with creamy vanilla and milk then topped with rich buttery toffee.

CARIBBEAN BREEZE ~ A sweet candy like confection of tropical fruits and berries.

CARAMEL ~ Buttery rich creamy carmel. You can actually smell how thick and gooey this is!

CARAMEL APPLE ~ Macintoush Apples just dripping with gooey carmel.  Just delicious!

CARAMEL FUDGE CAKE ~ Rich mick chocolate and delicious caramel buttercream frosting.  

CARAMEL NUT CLUSTERS ~  A creamy blend of almond and caramel combined with brown sugar, cinnamon, creamy vanilla and coconut.  A delightful treat.

CARAMEL WALNUT~ The perfection combination of warm creamy carmel blended with rich walnuts and a touch of sweet vanilla.

CARMELIZED PRALINES ~ A blend of rich creamy caramel, sweet warm vanilla, dark brown sugar and pecans with butter drizzled over the top. Absolutly wonderful!

CASHMERE PETALS ~ A blend of white grapefruit, soft bergamot, periwinkle, amaryllis, fresh rose,  cashmere, warm cedar & amber musk.  This is a beautiful perfume blend like you would find in a fine department store.

CEDAR & SAFFRON ~ This unique aroma will take your mind on a trip to exotic places. The warm, spicy fragrance of Kashmiri Saffron from India masterfully blended with earthy woods. White cedar, Indian sandalwood and patchouli are softened by mid notes of vanilla and sensual musk, then brightened by top notes of grapefruit and fresh bergamot.

CHEESECAKE ~ Fresh baked cheesecake.

CHESTNUTS & BROWN SUGAR ~ Trying to come up with a description for this is almost next to impossible.  It is a sweet, creamy buttery fragrance.  Absolutly delicious!

CHINA RAIN ~ A truly refreshing clean aroma with the scents of rose petal, wisteria, cyclamen mixed with sandalwood and vanilla.

CHERRY BERRY ~ A really strong cherry with a bit of a berry kick.

CHERRY VANILLA ~  Cherry & Vanilla blended together.  This is as classic as the old time soda fountains.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES ~ Hot and fresh from the oven filled with ooey gooey chocolate chips.

CHOCOLATE INDULGENCE ~ A rich blend of chocolate, almonds, sweet creamy butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and coconut.

CHOCOLATE MOOUSE ~ A rich and creamy freshly made chocolate dessert.

CINNAMON BREAD PUDDING~ Warm creamy vanilla blended with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, tossed with fresh nutty walnut and bread and then topped off with sweet creamy vanilla frosting for a simply luscious dessert.

CINNAMON BUN ~ (HB) New and Improved “EXCLUSIVE HOUSE BLEND”.  The rich delicious warm cinnamon rolls dripping with ooey gooey frosting that you loved as a kid.

CINNAMON GLAZED DANISH~ A fresh Danish with a flaky crust and loaded with carmelized sugar, sweet buttery vanilla and fresh honey.

CINNAMON RAISIN BREAD~ Fresh Baked Cinnamon bread topped with sweet creamy butter, fruity raisins.

CHINNAMON STICK ~ A rich spicy cinnamon.

CINNAMON FIREBALLS ~ Fire breathing cinnamon.

CITRUS SPLASH ~ Luscious orange, grapefruit, tangerine, kumquat and strawberry surrounded by sweet apple blossoms. This is a supreme summer delight.

CLEAN A duplication of the famous fragrance by DLish. It combines the notes of fragrant litsea cubeba, orange, sweet lime, pink grapefruit, passion lily, rose geranium and white musk along with lime, neroli and rose for a clean soapy essence.

COCONUT CABANA~ Let your thoughts take you away to a Tropical Island. Just the right combination of Cocoa Butter and Tropical Fruits!

COCONUT LIME VERBENA ~ A citrus blend of lime, kumquat, grapefruit & lemon, with an undertone of jasmine, on a background of musk and sandalwood.

COFFEE ICE CREAM ~ The ultimate for all coffee lovers.  Sweet buttery cream mixed with Brazilian coffee, brown sugar, cocoa and rich creamy vanilla.

COTTON CANDY ~ Just like the cotton candy you got at the fair growing up. 

COTTON CANDY FROSTING ~  Sweet cotton candy blended with rich creamy vanilla.

COUNTRY BERRY HOTCAKES ~ The perfect blend of fluffy buttery hotcakes layered with a perfect assortment of ripe summer berries.

COWBOY BLUES~ Tall dark and handsome walking by in faded blue jeans with a saddle over his shoulder.  That is all this rugged cowboy leaves with you as he walks by. A wonderful manly scent.

CRANBERRY APPLE MARMALADE ~ A blend of crisp apples, juicy ripe peaches, fresh oranges, spiced cranberries and cinnamon, vanilla and spices.  

CRANBERRY CRUMBLE ~ Fresh cranberries, crunchy nuts and spices blended to perfection.

CRANBERRY CIDER (HB) ~  The wonderful aroma of spiced cranberry  joined together with fresh apple cider for a warm refreshing holiday scent.

CREAM BRULEE~ Rich vanilla custard with the perfect touch of caramelized sugar on top! A wonderful rich dessert just like in all the finest restaurants, just minus the calories.

CUCUMBER  MELON ~ Cool crisp cucumbers and refreshing fresh melons combine for a wonderfully cool summer fragrance.



DOGWOOD ~ The wonderful smell of the dogwood bush in full bloom. You can just picture the wonderful white or pink blossoms just opening in the spring. A refreshing floral scent that smells like have fresh blossoms sitting in a vase on the table.

DO THE DEW ~ Take the bubbly notes of lime, sweet pineapple, lemon and oranges and blend them a touch of vanilla and it smells just like a Mountain Dew Slushie!

DRAGONS BLOOD ~ Dragons Blood is another one of those that is hard to describe.  It is a scent all its own.  It is earthy, sensous with a touch floral, patchouli and cedar wood.  It is differnt, but fantastic!



ED HARDY FOR WOMEN (type) ~ Combines Grapefruit, Mangos and Berries with rose petals, freesia and golden amber. Smells just like the Cologne. (OUT)

ENDLESS LOVE  (type) ~ (Victoria Secret Dup) Another wonderful Victoria Secret Duplication. A green fruity floral bouquet with notes of apple, rose and jasmine combined with the sweet woodsy musk background. 

ENGLISH TOFFEE ~ A  sweet  buttery  toffee crunch candy.

EUCALYPTUS ~ Just a straight up nice fresh Eucalyptus scent.

EUCALYPTUS SPEARMINT ~ The fresh essence of pure Australian Eucalyptus oil. valued for its soothing and refreshing effects.



FABULOUS FUDGE ~ Homemade fudge mixed with rich milk chocolate.

 FAIRY DUST ~ A blend of sweet pomegranate, citrus, berries, creamy vanilla and sweet sugar.

FALLING LEAVES ~ -  This scent just screams fall, when you are outside walking with the leaves falling off the trees.

FIG MELON ~ The combination of sweet juicy figs and melon.

FLORAL BOUQUET ~ This fragrance smells just like you walked into a florist shop! You can actually smell the combinations of Carnations,  Tulips and Roses along with the greenery. A wonderful Floral Scent!

FRENZY ~ This is a wonderful blend of citrus, including grapefruit, pineapple, lemons, limes and blackberry with just a hint of fresh cucumber, jasmine topped off with a little bubbly champagne.  

FRESH BREWED COFFEE  ~ The aroma of fresh strong brewed Arabica Coffee Beans.

FRESH BAKED BREAD ~ The savory aroma of buttery baked bread fresh from the oven.

FRESH CUT GRASS  ~ The wonderful smell of fresh cut grass on a sunny afternoon! (OUT)

FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGES ~ This is the wonderful aroma of fresh squeezed oranges. It is as if you are in the kitchen, squeezing oranges for your very own fresh orange juice. A very refreshing and pick-me-up scent.

FRESH CUT PINE ~ This is the all around best pine scent for that outdoors fresh cut pine that I have ever smelled. It doesn't have the fake pine scent like the air freshners.  This one is fantasti!

FRESH CUT TULIP ~ ( Yankee Duplication) This is a true tulip scent. It doesn't get any closer then this. This scent will make you think you have a beautiful bouquet of  fresh tulips right in the room.

FRUITY O’S ~ This fragrance will take you back to your childhood and Satuarday morning cartoons and the sweet sugary goodness of fruit loops cereal.  Smells just like them.

FRUIT TWIST ~ A wonderful exotic blend of raspberry, cantaloupe, watermelon with just a twist of jasmine and violet and a hint of grapefruit and kumquat

FUN IN THE SUN~ Sandy Beaches, catching some rays and soaking up the sun on your beach towels after lathering yourself with your favorite Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion.



GAIN APPLE MANGO TANGO ~ Just like the original.  A blend of floral and fruity.  Smells fantastic!

GINGER APPLETINI ~ a bright fruity floral with juicy green apples and ripe pineapple mingled with fizzy ginger spice.

GRANNY’S PIE CRUST ~ Smells just like the buttery pie crust your grandma used to make.

GRAPEFRUIT ~ Just like fresh grapefruit.

GRAPEFRUIT & MANGOSTEEN ~ A blend of ripe grapefruit, magosteen and peach.

GREEN APPLE ~ The taste of fresh crisp green apples.

GREEN APPLE JOLLY RANCHER ~Just like the candy.  Sweet juicy green apple candies.

GUMMY BEARS~ Takes you back to your childhood and your favorite all time stick to your teeth goodness of gummy bears.



HANSEL & GRETELS HOUSE ~ Smells just like your making a gingerbread house.

HARVEST ~ (Yankee Type) ~ Warm spices in a kettle on the stove while you sit on the rug in front of a roaring fire, taking the chill of the approaching fall out of the air.

HAY RIDE ~ (HOUSE BLEND) ~ This combination will reminds me of fall, when we would all gather together for our annual hayride. Everyone would load up on the horse drawn wagons and sit on the hay bales as the horses wound their way through the forest trails.

HAZELNUT CAPPUCCINO  ~ EXCLUSIVE HOUSE BLEND ~ The wonderful blend of fresh strong coffee with Hazelnut and just a touch of spices make up this fantastic blend!

HEATHER ~ This marvelous floral scent is just like the flower. A wonderfully refreshing springtime bouquet.

HOMESPUN SUGAR ~ The warm rich fragrance of Sugar, Coconut, Rose, Vanilla and Sandlewood.

HOME SWEET HOME ~ ( a Yankee Duplication) Spicy Cinnamon and Cloves combined together with Rose and Ylang Ylang.

HOT BAKED APPLE PIE ~ Fresh cut granny smith apples smothered in butter, cream and cinnamon surrounded by a rich pastry crust round out this delicious scent bringing back memories of fall and making you want to grab for the whipping cream.

HOT CHOCOLATE ~ Just like Swiss Miss!

HOT FUDGE BROWNIE ~ Rich chocolate brownies, right out of the oven.

HUCKLEBERRY HARVEST ~ This is a delicious scent! A sweet background surrounded by juicy blueberries, raspberries, grapes, strawberries and peaches.



ICE CREAM SCOOP BREAD ~ Rich creamy buttercream blended with vanilla ice cream, crushed almonds and a smidgen of chocolate cookie dough!  

ICED LEMON COOKIES ~ The perfect blend of lemon and cookie!  Simply irrestible.



JASMINE ~ This is an exotic blend of fresh cut Jasmine Flowers on a base note of Rose Petals. A truly beautiful Floral Scent.

JUNIPER BREEZE ~ A BBW Dupe that smells just like the real thing. A nice smooth fresh scent,



KAILUA BAY ~ The wonderful scent of tuber roses that grows rampant in Hawaii.  A very beautiful scent.

KETTLE KORN ~ The buttery sweet salty popcorn just like you would get at the fair.

KEY LIME ~   The tart zesty sweet smell of fresh limes.

KEY LIME PIE (HB) ~ The Zesty tart goodness of sweet key lime pie baking in the oven with a beautiful golden brown crust.

KOOLAID (type) ~ Do you remember the commercials "Hey Koolaid Man".  This was the summer time and all year round favorite drink of our childhood.



LAVENDER ~ Sharp and true. A very true herbal lavender. This is a lavender lovers dream!

LAVENDER DREAMS ~ The warm relaxing scent of soothing lavender combined with the fresh innocence of a new born baby.

LAVENDER MINT (HB) ~ The relaxing fragance of lavender blended with a touch of mint for a wonderful combination.

LEMON POUND CAKE ~  Fresh lemons folded into yummy cake batter, then baked just right and drizzed with a sugar glaze.

LEMON SUGAR POUND CAKE ~ Moist rich vanilla pound cake mixed with fresh squeezed lemons, orange and lime zest, pineapple and then heaped with  creamy vanilla and dusted with sweet powdered sugar.  

LICK ME ALL OVER ~ A wonderful blend of fruits including raspberry, watermelon, and cantaloupe with just a hint of Violet, Jasmine, Kumquat  & grapefruit. 

LILAC~ Lilacs are a reminder of spring at Grandma's house. This lilac scent is so realistic, you will think you have a fresh bouquet in a vase on the table.

LOLLIPOP ~ Just like the candy suckers you grew up with. Loaded full of sweet berries and dentist smiling  sugar.

LOVE SPELL (type) ~ ( A Victoria Secret Dup)       Sweet mandarin oranges, bergamot & tangerine, with a hint of juicy peaches, strawberries & raspberries on an undertone of white musk.



MAC APPLE  ~ Just like a fresh sliced macintosh apple!

MAJESTIC SEAS~ The refreshing waves of soft petals, water and earthy tones is reminiscent of the deep blue sea. This is a wonderfully clean scent.  Perfect for laundry rooms.

MANDARIN TIKI ~ A Luxury Spa Experience! Imagine yourself lying in a hammock on a beach, drinking a Mia Tia. The fresh and energizing scent of of mandarin rind, red currents, strawberries and blueberries with notes of watercress, palm leaves and musk! This is truly an experience to remember.

MANGO PAPAYA ~ A tropical delight! You will fall in love with this fruity blend of ripened mangos and juicy papaya!

MARGARITAVILLE ~ It’s 5:00 somewhere!  A fresh lime margarita, just like the drink.

MARSHMELLOW FLUFF ~ A Sweet creamy marshmallows blended with creamy cake batter.

MELON BALL FIZZ ~ A wonderful fruity blend of cantaloupe, fresh pineapple, manogs, papaya’s, papaya, passio fruty, banana’s and berries.

MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ~  (BBW dupe) ~ Fresh Peppermint, warm chocolate and rich creamy vanilla.

MONKEY FARTS ~ In this instance the name does nothing to describe the fragrance other then to say that Monkeys love it too! Fresh top notes of bananas & juicy grapefruit, along with kiwi, juicy bubblegum & strawberries with a hint of vanilla.

MRS. CLAUS COOKIES ~ The wonderful aroma of fresh baked Sugar Cookies topped with buttercream frosting with fresh notes of vanilla. This is the best Sugar Cookie scent we have ever smelled. Very similar to Vanilla Bean Noel.

MULBERRY ~ A berry lovers dream! Incredibly strong and true, a very pronounced mouth watering mulberry.



NAG CHAMPA ~ An exotic blend of floral, spice and resin from India. Very strong! An exact match to the incense!

NORTHWOODS PINE~ A special blend of fresh wintery balsam pine & lightly spiced cranberry. This wonderful pine scent, smells like you just ran your hand down the branch of a fresh evergreen tree, or the smell of camping out in the woods in the summertime.

NUTMEG CLOVE ~ The rich full bodied scent of fresh nutmeg and clove spices simmering on a fall evening.



OAKMOSS ~ This is one manly scent that will leave you drooling.  A blend of Jasmine and rose mixed with cedar and patchouli with a strong background of moss.  FANTASTIC!!!!

OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE ~ The yummy old fashioned fragrance of fresh baked cookies straight out of the oven.  Old Fashioned oats combined with creamy vanilla, cinnamon and cloves makes this irristable. 

OATMEAL MILK & HONEY ~   Bath & Body – Haven’t tested in wax yet.

OLD FASHIONED CHRISTMAS ~ A sweet citrus cinnamon and clove blend. This warm holiday scent reminds you of goodies baking in the kitchen.

OLIVE BLOSSOM ~ This one is very hard to describe. It has a very sophisticated upscale spa like scent.  It is not real heavy on the floral, not overwhelmingly perfumy just a beautiful fragrance.

ORANGE CHIFFON CAKE ~ Ripe, juicy mandarin oranges blended with creamy vanilla cake with a touch of crunchy nuts and a hint of soft butter.

ORANGE CLOVE ~ A wonderful aroma of fresh orange slices with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove

ORANGE SHERBET ~ Fresh Oranged mixed with Creamy Vanilla.  Smells exactly  like the ice cream we all know and love.

ORCHID TEA - Delicately sparkling florals entwined with leafy greens and a floral bouquet of jasmine, rose, honeysuckle and mugue, with the warmth of musk and amber makes this fragrance absolutly beautiful.  (I actually wear this in a body spray and always have everyone say I smell so good and what am I wearing.)



PATCHOULI PASSION ~ Patchouli Passion is another aluring oriental scent.  Blended with Oranges, Tangerines, lemons, balsamic, spices, cedarwood and patchouli. 

PEACH BELINI ~ Orange slices glisten on the side of your glass as the nector of white peach and bubbly champagne.

PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE ~ Rich nutty peanuts blended with cookie dough, vanilla, maple and sugar.  Just like the cookies that grandma used to bake.

PEANUT CRUNCH ~ Fresh crunchy peanuts and peanut butter, all you are missing is the jam!

PECAN PRALINE ~ Rich home baked goodies, blended with warm vanilla caramel, dark brown sugar, butter drenched pecans and a hint of chocolate.

PEPPERMINT ~ Smells just like the peppermint candy!

PEPPERMINT TWIST ~ EXCLUSIVE HOUSE BLEND ~ Peppermint candy mixed with the warm delicious scent of Vanilla Beans.

PEPPERMINT CAKE BITES ~ EXCLUSIVE HOUSE BLEND ~ Hot warm yummy cake fresh from the oven with  cool soothing peppermint!


PINK CHIFFON  ~ Not tested in wax yet.  Smells fantastic in B&B!

PINK SANGRIA  ~ A wonderful tropical drink made of sangria, Valencia orange, and tropical pineapple with a little umbrella and a maraschino cherry on top.

PISTACHIO MACAROON ~ A sweet buttery cookie blended with pistachios, maraschino cherries, Cocoa, Vanilla and amaretto cream.

PUCKER UP! ~ Lemon lovers rejoice! Finally a lemon that is a true likeness! The very best lemon scent we have ever smelled!

PUMPKIN CHEESECAKE ~ Sweet creamy pumpkin with a warm touch of nutmeg, blended with rich delicious cheesecake!

PUMPKIN CRUNCH CAKE ~ The aroma of creamy pumpkin pie filling surrounded by yummy yellow cake, drizzled in melted butter, pecans and spice.

PUMPKIN COOKIES (HB) ~ Sweet Creamy pumpkin meets up with grandmas sugar cookies for a totally scrumpous cookie.

PUMPKIN CORNBREAD ~ Fresh cornbread blended with creamy pumpkin, cinnamon and cloves.

PUMPKIN PECAN WAFFLES ~  Pumpkin waffles, rich butter and pure maple syrup.  Yummm!

PUMPKIN PIE ~ Creamy pumpkin pie with all the added goodies.  Just like mom makes!

PUMPKIN CREAM BRULEE ~ Sweet pumpkin blended with cinnamon and carmelized brown sugar.

PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE ~ That prefect blend of deep rich roasted coffee and creamy pumpkin with a little added spice.

PUMPKIN SOUFFLE ~ Fresh Pumpkins bursting with mouthwatering butter, sugar and spices.  One of our best pumpkin scents.

PURE SEDUCTION (VS Dupe) ~  Smells just like the VS brand.  Melons, Plum, and Freesia.



RASPBERRY ZINGER ~ Ever eaten a Hostess raspberry cream filled zinger? If you have, you will know that this fragrance nails it dead on the head! This creative scent of sweet raspberry, toasted coconut, buttercream frosting and baked yellow sponge cake will have your mouth mouth watering with the first sniff!

REINDEER POO ~ Apples and pears blended with eucalyptus, pine, geranium, vanilla, cedarwood and patchouli.

ROASTED CHESTNUTS ~ A glorious combination of honeyed chestnuts and warm spices. One of our most edible smelling fragrances... a must try!



SANDALWOOD VANILLA ~ Some fragrances are just perfection and this happens to be one of them. An awesome blend of earthy sandalwood and sweet vanilla with musky, amber nuances.

SATIN SHEETS ~ White and dark chocolate blended with blackberries, vanilla, jasmine, violet and musk.  

SATSUMA~ A blend of mandarin slices & peel, bergamot, spices and exotic fruits.

SERENDIPITY ~ A super sweet combination of creamy vanilla, sugar, cherries, oranges, and a little bit of coconut.

SEXY LITTLE THING ~ (VS Dupe) A fruity-floral blend of apple, exotic jasmine and sensual cashmere woods.

SNICKERDOODLE LATTE ~ Fresh roasted coffee blended with sweet rich buttercream and spices.

SINUS RELIEF ~ Ever smell the scent of Vick's Vapor Rub? Well this is it! This is a cool crisp blend of camphor, eucalyptus and mint. Great for stuffed up noses!

SMOKE & ODOR ELIMINATOR ~ The aroma of juicy lime and lemon zests with hints of herbal cilantro. Covers the smell of foul orders, great for Smokers!  A very fresh and clean fragrance.

SPICED CRANBERRY ~ Crisp tart cranberries with a spicy flair!

SPEARMINT~ A strong burst of refreshing mint! Smells just like wrigley spearming gum. 

STRESS RELIEF ~ a wonderfully balanced blend of Spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus.  One wiff and you will be energized.  

STONEHENGE ~ Smoked Cedar Wood, Bergamot, and Amber blend perfectly to invoke the ancient mysteries of the Druids! This smells just like you would envision Tall, Dark & Handsome to be. Masculine but loved by women!

STRAWBERRY BANANA SMOOTHIE ~ Fresh Strawberries yummy banana’s blended together with rich buttercream.

STRAWBERRY BREAD ~ Fresh juicy strawberries blended with home baked bread to bring you a mouth watering treat.

STRAWBERRY JAM ~ An incredibile fresh juicy strawberry!

STRAWBERRY MARGARITA ~ This wonderful strawberry scent with have you yearning for fresh strawberries and whipped cream!

SUGAR COOKIE ~ Warm rich sugar cookies right out of grandma’s oven.

SUGARED SPRUCE ~ A unique scent that blends sweetness with spruce. An intriguing combination that is wonderful together.



TAHITIAN WATERFALL ~ Sweet Jasmine, lillies and violets combined with the fresh scent of a cool waterfall.  This is a Downy Dupe!

TICKLE ME PINK ~ This is a dupe of Pink Sugar by Aquolina.   is a journey through the pleasures and flavors of childhood with a playful blend of vanilla and caramel.  A fruity blend of cotton candy, carmel and raspberry jam on a bed of musks.

TOASTED MARSHMELLOW ~ The scent of roasting golden marshmellows over an open campfire.  

TOOTHACHE ~ A blend of rich warm chocolates, sugar, berries and sweet creamy vanilla.

TRANQUILITY  ~ HOUSE BLEND ~ A wonderfully relaxing scent that combines fresh lavender with Vanilla bean to relax both your mind and your body.

TRICHOMANIA (Lush Type ) This is a dupe for the lush fragrance.  We will be renaming it later.  But this one is one of my favorites.  I love it!

TURKISH HAZELNUT CAFE ~ An addicting brew of gourmet French roast coffee enhanced with the flavor of Turkish Hazelnuts and a touch of sweet cream.

TULIP ~ Smells just like a fresh tulip flower!

TWINKIES ~ Rich Vanilla pound cake loaded with sweet cream.


UNDER THE BIG TOP ~ All the wonderful smells of the circus. Cotton candy, caramel apples and funnel cake.


VANILLA BEAN  ~ Some vanilla scents are only partially there. This is THE vanilla for vanilla lovers everywhere. The very best vanilla we have ever smelled.

VANILLA BEAN NOEL ~ (BBW Type) Sweet crunchy sugar cookies blended with fluffy marshmellows and just a tad bit of caramel.

VANILLA BUTTERCREAM CRUNCH ~ A rich creamy vanilla combined with buttery toffee and crunchy nuts.

VANILLA GRAPEFRUIT ~ The perfectly refreshing blend of creamy smooth vanilla rounded off with the absolute perfect pink grapefruit. This is one of our personal favorites.

VANILLA ICE CREAM ~ Sweet creamy vanilla ice cream.

VANILLA PEAR ~ One of our favorite fragrances! A sophisticated blend of French Vanilla and Sun Ripened Pears!

VANILLA POUND CAKE ~ Sweet rich buttery vanilla pound cake right out of the oven.

VANILLA SUGAR WAFFLE CONE  ~ Just like the real thing. Sweet crunchy vanilla waffle cone just waiting for the ice cream.

VICTORIAN ROSE ~ The aroma of fresh cut roses just out of the garden. This is a wonderful rose scent with just a hint of white musk and amber.

VIOLET & BIRCH  ~ Violet and White birch mixed with a little orchid, cedar leaf, musk and greens.



WATERMELON JOLLY RANCHER ~ Just like the sweet watermelon Jolly Rancher Candy.

WATERMELON PUNCH  ~ The fruity combination of oranges, juicy watermelon, fresh berries and sweet sugar.

WATER ORCHID  ~ The perfect blend of velencia Orange, sparkling lemon, water orchid and more make up this wonderful scent. 

WHIPPED CREAM  ~ This luscious cream whipped cream is pure heaven! TEMP OUT. 

WATERCRESS & ALOE ~ Want to feel fresh and invigorated! This scent will put a spring into your step! A unique blend of lemon rind and fresh palm leaves, watercress & aloe. Finishing with jasmine and eucalyptus. A great spa aroma!

WHITE PEACH & HIBISCUS ~ White peach, kaffir lime, lemon leaf, sweet lilac and sheer hibiscus make up this fantastic fragrance.

WILD BERRY ZINGER TEA ~ A blend of strawberries, black raspberries, blueberries, cranberries and cherries, combined with hisbicus, rosehips and chicory make up this fantastic Tea which is a perfect match to Wildberry Zinger Tea from Celestial Seasonings! (OUT)

WINTER CABIN ~ The perfect scent reminiscent of that cabin in the woods with the snow falling outside.  A mix of coriander, Arabian lavender, cedar wood, amber, cypress, wintergreen, mint and vetiver, 

WILDBERRY MOOUSE  ~  OMG this is out of this world delish!  Fresh picked berries combined with the sweet creamy taste of moouse.

WILD WATERMELON  ~ Nothing reminds you of summer quite like sweet juicy watermelon! This fragrance will take you back to the summer days of your youth when everyone got together for those weekend barbeques!

WINTERGREEN  - The cool refreshing scent of sweet wintergreen mint.



ZUCCHINI BREAD  ~ Fresh zucchini bread right out of the oven.   Spicy warm and pipping hot!

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