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    We do not have free shipping.  We always strive to ship the cheapest way possible to our customers whether it be first class, flat rate, regional rate, USPS, UPS or Fedex.

For instance, we can fit 6 bars of soap in a flat rate envelope or around 30+ fluted tarts.  We do not ship any of our Wax loaves, cupcakes, lotions, body sprays or room sprays ect in the flat rate envelopes, we will only ship them in boxes.

After having this discussion on our facebook group page we have decided to do the following:  

For now until we figure out how we can put the option up for you to choose either flat rate envelope or if your order has to go in a box, our shipping is set at $9.97 which is for the most used Regional Rate A box.  If you live closer to us and it is cheaper, we will always refund the difference.  If we can ship in a flat rate envelope, any overage you pay will be refunded.  If we have to ship it in a box bigger the Regional Rate A box such as a medium or large flat rate, if postage is more then a dollar over, you will be billed for the difference.

Just as an example:

in a Regional Rate A box we can fit:

1) A loaf & a Cupcake plus tarts    

2) Two loaves and some tarts ect.

3) 5-6 Bakery Bags                     


In a Medium Flat Rate Box we can fit:

1) A loaf and two cupcakes plus tarts

2) Three Loaves ect.                       


All of our cupcakes are shipped in cupcake boxes to get to you in the safest way possible.  It is your choice, but if you choose, we can put them in a cello bag so you can get more in a box, but you will risk the cupcake getting messed up and we would really rather not as we put alot of time and work into these.

If you would like to figure an estimate on what your shipping would be, you can get a rough estimate of the total weight of your order. if you are ordering wax loaves, most weigh on average 1.8 lbs and our RTS loaves all have the weight listed.  Our cupcakes weigh on average 5-6 oz.  Soaps, lotion and other B&B items all have their aprox weight listed. Please remember on the B&B items the weight is of the item, not the jars or packaging.  You can take your aproximate weight of your order, figuring if it will fit in the Regional Rate A box or bigger and enter it into the shipping calculator at being shipped from 83262 and it will give you the aprox shipping amount.  

We are in Idaho so for those on the East Coast, most times shipping either in Regional Rate A or flat rate boxes will be the most cost effective.  We can get alot in a flate rate box, especially the large flat rate. Plus we also have our own boxes and ship in those too.  We have found that 9 times out of 10 parcel post is not cheaper then Priority so most everything is shipped out Priority.

As stated above, we always figure shipping the cheapest way to our customers.  Shipping costs are set by USPS not us and this is something we can't get out of.

If you have any questions before placing your order, please use the contact page or email us and we will be glad to help any way we can.


Thank You


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